Saturday, October 15, 2016


Been a while since I posted. To begin with, I am almost done writing a book on the circuit simulator. I put up the table of contents of the first draft on my site:

It will take me another 2-4 weeks to complete the first draft with all chapters. I hope the book will be published by February next year.

I released several versions of the software:

As of now the simulator works with three inverters. I will continue expanding the system with an increasing number of inverters to push the simulator to its limits.

I am scheduled to give a 10 minute talk on the simulator in PyCon Canada next month. My talk is on November 12 at 2:05pm. So if you are attending PyCon Canada, it would be great to meet up anyone interested in the circuit simulator. The schedule for PyCon Canada is:

The talk will be recorded and a video will be put up online.

Follow my Facebook page for regular updates on the simulator: