Saturday, January 7, 2017

The book

Hope everyone had a good new year celebration.

This January, my goal is to complete the book for publication in February. So that means simulation of new circuits will come to a temporary stop. The first revision of the book is ready and for the table of contents check out:

A rigorous proof read is currently in progress and should be complete in two weeks. After that, another two weeks will be spent in editing the book, arranging the layout and ensuring a printable camera ready format.

The book will be self-published on Amazon using CreateSpace where they will print copies of the book on demand. Besides this I am also looking at other avenues where a simple PDF can be made available for those not wanting to buy a printed book but wanting simulation tutorials and code along with the pdf of the book. Still need to work out the details of that but that will probably follow only after the book has been released.

As for the book, I will be providing one chapter of the book on my site for download so that anyone can get a flavour of the book. In the meantime, check out the short papers that have been uploaded on the above link. For regular updates, follow my facebook page:

Let's hope for a good 2017!