Thursday, June 22, 2017

Launching the tutorial series with PLL

I am starting a series of tutorials on topics in power electronics and power systems. The purpose of these tutorials is to provide an educational resource for practicing engineers. The tutorials are made as simple and visual as possible and uses simulation to demonstrate concepts. Mathematical equations are used when necessary but every attempt is made to NOT make the tutorial mathematically rigorous so that the report is an easy read.

The first tutorial is on PLL and can be found in the link:

The report is available for free but the simulation examples have to be purchased from the e-commerce website Gumroad:

If all you need is a brief idea about PLL, the report is all you need. But if you would like to follow the tutorial step-by-step, the simulation examples will help you tinker with control gains and other parameters.

The objective behind the tutorials is to use the flexibility and convenience of simulations in understanding complex problems in advanced power systems. In this tutorial, you learn how grid synchronization is important and what happens without it, how to design a PLL for single and three-phase systems. The simulation files are just a starting point. You could always use them to try out some additional control.