Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Loop identification - VII

Another couple of changes. Put in another check for repetitions of loops in loop_list. Also, took care of more than two parallel branches possible between two nodes.

Another major comment. If the number of nodes (including the reference or ground node) is N and the number of branches is B, the number of independent loops will be B-N+1. However, while trying to generate just that many number of independent loops, the code was beginning to fail. So the code posted will show all the possible "distinct" loops out of which many of them will simply be linear combinations of the others. I hope this will get sorted out while solving the equations, since the upper triangularization of the matrices will result in a number of rows to be zero. Anyway, this comes later.

As before, click on "view raw" to see the code that goes out of the box.

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