Friday, October 18, 2013

Next step - getting back

Been a long time since my last post. Been a while so I will spend some maybe a week reviewing code before starting up again.

Some updates from outside the project. My aim is to build a hardware prototype of a microgrid and I have managed to finish building one inverter with LCL filter. Attached is the pic.

Happy to say that it works and I am able to do a current control in grid connected mode. I have revised the control PCBs and once that comes back after may be a week, I'll build the second and then the third inverter. The objective is to have an isolated microgrid and try out some control techniques on it.

I did give a lightening talk in Pycon 2013 held in Toronto. They put the talk on YouTube. Here's the link:
Yes, that's me :) It's just a 5 minute lightening talk so not much I could talk about other than tell people what I am trying to do. Met some other interesting people who were trying to something in the electronics field that showed interest so the conference was definitely productive.

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