Thursday, October 9, 2014

Next update

A loooong time since I posted. Made a huge number of changes to the simulator. It is now working for a circuit like a three-phase diode rectified feeding a dc capacitor that is in turn the dc bus for a three-phase 6 switch inverter that has an LC filter. So I feel most of the major bugs have been ironed out.

Anyway, I will be releasing the next version of the simulator tomorrow. But before I end the day, I would like to ask a question to some of the readers of the blog.

Since, documenting this project has been a major pain - this blog is the only thing I have and I am quite glad I did at least that. But this blog too is a mess and I need something a little more systematic. So I was thinking of writing a book. Does anyone know of any book on circuit simulation that actually describes how a simulator can be built? Or if anyone would be interested in reading such a book, what would your expectations be from such a book and why? Out of curiosity, because you are trying something similar, or because you are not happy with existing software?

Would be great to hear any feedback. Please send an email to

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