Saturday, April 5, 2014

Initializing new stiff equations

Another problem that arises when there are a large number of nonlinear devices is that nonstiff loops become stiff loops but their current has still not become negligible because the diode has turned off at the previous iteration. For example, current through a diode is -0.1A causing the diode to turn off and it's resistance to change to megaohms. When this stiff loops interacts with other stiff loops and the currents of those stiff loops are calculated, all other stiff loops end up having currents of close magnitudes of 0.1 A. Result: entire simulation is disrupted.

Two things need to be done:
1. Need to identify which loops have just become stiff.
2. Calculate those stiff loops before running the ode solver.

The code to identify the newly formed stiff loops is:

And running the stiff loop ode:

One other thing still needs to be done. What if the newly formed stiff loops themselves are interacting with each other through a stiff branch? Now even this ode solver would fail because they would disrupt each other. The only thing to do would be do perform an upper triangularization of the newly formed stiff loops with respect to the newly formed stiff branches and solve them backwards. Will do this later.

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