Sunday, January 12, 2014

Global variables for control code

So far, the only data that are being plotted in the output file are the values measured by the meters. But when writing control code, the user would need to plot control variables to debug the control code. Also, in the case when there are multiple control blocks and some may be cascaded - that is the output of one is the input of the other, this can't be done in the present form as the inputs are only from meters.

To solve these two shortcomings, I thought of creating another category of variables called "VariableStorage". From the name, the primary use of these are to tag certain variables in the control code as variables that can be plotted. Also, these are global variables for all the control code - this means one such global variable defined for one control code can be used anywhere. So the output of one can be used as the input of another.

But, the creation of such global variables is a major threat because some stupid statement somewhere in some control code could be resetting a variable to an arbitrary value. Not sure what protection I need to incorporate to prevent random usage. For now this is that I will do. (click on "view raw" below the code box to see the code in another window):

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