Sunday, January 5, 2014

Simplifying loop manipulation

Initially, all the code was written with respect to system loops. Also, when manipulating loops either for removing stiffness or for any other reason, the loops themselves were manipulated. And this means the entire loop information, including the branch elements. All this only adds to overhead. Particularly since two other elements have been defined - branch_params which contains information of the branch - the elements, the resistance, inductance, voltages, and current. The other element is the system_loop_map which contains information of which branch exists in each loop.

So why not get rid of system_loops in further manipulations? All that is needed to be done is to extend the definition of system_loop_map. Before system_loop_map had only "stiff", "yes" and "no" as entries. Now it will have:

forward - branch is in the direction of loop
reverse - branch is against loop direction
stiff_forward - stiff branch but same direction
stiff_reverse - stiff branch but opposite direction

With this the entire information of the loop is contained in a far more compact manner. And all the functions were rewritten. For example, the remove_stiffness function is as follows (click on "view raw" below the code box to see the code in another window):

And the resultant code is much cleaner, the loop manipulations much easier. This will also change the code in the circuit elements (click on "view raw" below the code box to see the code in another window):

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