Thursday, February 7, 2013

Circuit Parameters - V

Couple of updates to the previous code:

1. Some elements will also have a polarity. In this case, the voltage source definitely will have one. The capacitor could also have but I'll consider an ac capacitor for now.

2. There will have to be provision to check if everytime the program is run, whether the circuit has changed. If the circuit is the same but the parameters need to be updated, then nw_params.csv should not be filled with default values as the user will have to update everything all over again or will have to remember to copy nw_params.csv to another backup file. A more elaborate method can be thought of later where the actual topology can be read - nodes, branches, loops etc and if that remains the same along with elements in every branch, then circuit can be considered the same. Because otherwise a small change to a branch such as lengthening with more "wire" elements will be seen as a new circuit. For that matter, even if major changes are to be made, only the changed elements can be considered. All this is user interface and will come later.

So anyway, here is the updated code (click on "view raw" below the code box for code going out of the window):

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