Sunday, February 17, 2013

Circuit Solver

I finally got a basic circuit solver going! What has been done so far:

1. Only voltage source, resistor and inductor have been included. Capacitor has not yet been tested.
2. Ammeters can be introduced in the circuit wherever needed.

So here is the code (click "view raw" below the code box to see the code in a new window):

The main comments are:

1. The loop currents are calculated at every simulation time step. Currents in every branch and every element will not be calculated unless necessary. For example, at a later stage, saturation in the inductor or heating in the resistor can be included. So then, current will be calculated and used.

2. If you want to know the currents, you connect an ammeter. Voltmeters need to be coded. Ammeter was simple as I need to manipulate the loop currents. But voltmeters, I need to think how to use them. If I connect a voltmeter across two nodes, it will be seen as a branch. So it will appear in loop equations. This means, to make sure the currents don't change a large resistance will have to be chosen. However, a simpler method will be to look for the voltmeter tag and exclude that branch from the system matrix. I can then back calculate later.

A sample circuit:

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