Friday, February 8, 2013

Circuit Parameters - VI

There is a couple of major design flaw in the previous approach.

  1. The component names are automatically generated. It is always better to let the user name the components as they may correspond to PCB designs etc.
  2. Any change in the circuit topology, even an extension of a branch would be seen a new circuit with default values. Better to check if any of the components in the new circuit have parameters in the parameter file and start with those parameters.

So, a change in the code. The components will now be names followed by an underscore ("_") and then the name of the component. Example: Resistor_R1, voltagesource_v1. Case is not important in the component names though it is in the tags.

The unique identifier continues to be cell position. However, for a particular component type, the same tag can't be used. For example: resistor_r1 and resistor_r1 would be illegal. However, two different components could have the same tag. For example: Resistor_br and inductor_br are OK. If the user want to name the components according to function, this might be a good option.

Here is the code (click on "view raw" below the box to see the entire code):

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