Friday, February 1, 2013

Circuit Parameters

After loop identification, now comes the time to input the parameters of the circuit.

One very nice thing about most circuit simulators is the dialog box that opens up with each element with all the parameters. So essentially, I need to put these features into my circuit simulator:

1. The user should only indicate the element at a given position.
2. We need to then generate a list of all the elements found, names for them, their positions in the spreadsheet and finally their parameters with some to be defaults.
3. With the case of elements like diodes, IGBTs and others that have polarities or certain ways in which they are connected, the polarity can be specified in the separate dialog.

For multiport elements like machines, transformers, there will have to be more than one tag and these will have to be translated. Things would have been much more convenient with a GUI.

This will be my first approach:

1. Create an index of names - "Resistor", "Inductor", "Capacitor", "Voltage_Source" etc.
2. The network interpreter will divide the circuit into three types of elements - "wire", "jump" and elements such as the above.
3. Each time an element is found, it will be assigned a name that creates an object of it - like R1, R2, C1, etc.
4. The program will create another spreadsheet with all the element names, their positions and parameter values in separate columns.
5. The user has to modify these values and continue with the simulation.

For passive circuits with only resistors, inductors, capacitors and voltage sources, I don't see much of a problem. However, there would be a problem with machines for example, a three-phase synchronous generator. So the stator will have three connections and the rotor will have two. How do I map these connections on a spreadsheet?

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